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Current Role: Software Engineer & Business Owner – A&B Mart Australia. 

I am a young professional and a vibrant developer, who strives to enjoy every challenge in technology, and a problem solver who enjoys dealing with advanced technical research problems. As a developer, I keep myself up-to-date with various software development technology.

I am a software engineering professional with 5 years of experience in software design and development. In my previous roles at IBM Research Australia I have worked with some of the top-notch massively parallel supercomputers and clusters, cloud computing infrastructure, and distributed and concurrent systems. I feel inspired by the continuous innovations in distributed systems, cloud, and big data technology and I am actively building up my capabilities in these domains of expertise. I greatly invest in my personal development through attendance in various training relating to cloud/big data, participation in local software development meet-up events, and a lot of self-initiated learning.

Coupled with a Master degree in Computer Science, highly regarded industrial certifications, and my professional experience in the industries, I am confident in my ability to create software solutions for business and research industries. My goal is to continue fuelling up my enthusiasm while staying innovative and up-to-date with the most recent computing technology, as well as making differences in this world through the advancement of Information Technology. 

I am mainly specialized in High Performance Computing (HPC), parallel and distributed systems, client server application, enterprise application, Java/J2EE technology, and web development. I use my spare time to develop some new capabilities in cloud computing technology (Amazon Web Services) and big data analytics.

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I am always excited for a challenging and rewarding software development project. Please go to the Professional-Works section to view my Resume and my portfolio. You can contact me from the Contact section of my homepage.

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